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We All HEAL Differently Journal


Newest Release !!

January 2022

How long should it take you to heal from a loss?

Spoiler alert…there isn’t anyone who is capable of accurately answering this question.

While this is a question often asked of scholars and counselors, the truth is, no one is capable of accurately answering it. Furthermore, there isn’t one answer that applies to everyone’s situation. Professionals can provide references from research, statistics from studies, and opinions from their own individual experiences…but they cannot tell you precisely how to heal through your loss. Each healing journey is personal. Each healing journey is different.

NOTE: This is not your ordinary journal! 

It is intentionally organized to to support individuals who are in the midst of healing from a loss.  If you find that you are somewhere between grieving and healing, then this journal will help sheperd you through the process. 

It includes so much good stuff: 

  • A space for reflection through “Express Yourself” word prompts which offers space to convey your feelings and emotions openly, and honestly, by writing personal notes and thoughts to yourself.
  • Inspiration through comforting words, scriptures, phrases, affirmations, and quotes.
  • Motivation through templates and repetitive worksheets that encourage you to write out your feelings and thoughts.

The “Mending Toolkit” is probably my favorite section.  Compiled of encouraging materials and resources, this journal will be a great support to help you get through your toughest days.  It's full of tips, testimonies, resources, playlists, and so much more!

Empowered To Win


Gracefully Broken

January 2022

This International Best Selling book project has God written all over it. Led by the visionary, Allision G. Daniels, EVERY step of this project, from the selection process to the release date, is full of such inspirational and God-aweing moments.  It is a collection of stories from women who have used trials and tribulations to make a difference, through 3 E's, "embraced, empowered and equipped".  

My chapter is titled "Gracefully Broken: Looking Backward to Move Forward".  It details my struggles and progress towards overcoming battles with anxiety.  You will laugh, cry, and shout after reading my story and those of these amazing women.  Follow me on social media and catch one of our numerous speaking events.

IG: @do_it_delivers

FB: LuDrean Howard Peterson


MAY 2021

This book is going to change lives. At first, I was confused by the gentle whispers in my ear encouraging me to "write it down". I've experienced so m​any emotions months prior to and after My Mommy's transition on November 17, 2021. Even when things didn't seem to make sense, I kept asking for the lesson to be revealed.  Yet, through it all, the holy spirit gave me specific guidance and I was obedient.  This book is dedicated to My Mommy.  Although Mommy is no longer here on earth with me, she is forever in my heart.  It is only by the comfort and strength from God that I am still standing and that this book exists!   "He Prepared Me For This"!!!  

But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you.  My power is perfected in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9